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Women Emerging: Reclaiming Our Souls from Sexual Abuse

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New Dream Foundation and this Women Emerging Supersummit initiative are primarily facilitated through volunteer action. Your donations help us reach tens of thousands of women through this life-changing healing event.

New Dream Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations may be tax deductible.

If you are making a sizable donation, consider mailing a check to the address below. We use the convenience of Paypal to process online donations (including credit cards). While that costs donors nothing, Paypal takes a percentage out of the funds we receive... which can represent a significant deduction in the case of larger donations.

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The New Dream Foundation
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60596 Woodside Road
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Here’s how people are already helping—and you can too

  • Volunteering skills in all areas of business (PR, social media, marketing, web design, media production, finance, etc.)
  • Become a presenter
  • Referrals and outreach to potential presenters
  • Referrals and outreach to other related non-profits as potential affiliates
  • Connections to aligned celebrities, musical artists and other creative talent
  • Suggestions, referrals and connections re potential sponsoring businesses
  • Referrals to other people who might want to help
  • Donations to bring healing support to 50,000 courageous survivors this year

If you’d like to stand with us in support of survivors in these or other ways, we’d love to hear from you!

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