Expert Session with Ariann Thomas

Dive Deep to Rise Above the Pain - Yoga Nidra


In this 30 min. video, you go through the inner journey of self-healing in the receptive alpha state of mind, through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. It is a version especially created for Women Emerging, to help you embrace the inner 'body of pain'; to enter the deep, self-healing space of acceptance; to be able to assign meaning to the painful experiences of the past, integrating them through conscious love. (A recommended daily practice before going to sleep, or at any suitable time during the day). You will experience:

  • Self-healing by integrating the fragmented parts of your being, through conscious love
  • Unhooking from the negative energy cords connecting you with the individual(s) who have hurt or abused you in the past
  • Self-love and inner fullness, essential for spiritual awakening as you connect with the highest version of you and your purpose