Expert Session - Sedena Cappannelli


Ageless Living Healing Tools for Trauma, Anxiety and Transition

  • Experience simple, enlivening practices to awaken your energy and create emotional, mental and physical balance
  • Learn calming meditative practices to de-stress, increase your sense of peace, well-being and self-reliance
  • Discover new, empowering perspectives to release old patterns, create greater self-care and uncover your highest potential

Ageless Living Tools for Trauma, Anxiety and Transition

Sedena's special video to help trauma survivors.

The Grounding Breath Technique

Reverse effects of anxiety, bewilderment and stress. Feel and look younger and vitally alive at any age.

Ageless Legacy Skills

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Simple practices for emerging and healing—from pain to purpose.

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PEP-Personal Energy Program Ageless Living Coaching

"Feeling resonance and alliance with my inner being, with less physical and emotional discomfort, each time I practice these healing exercises."

Ageless Living Coaching

"Get more out of life… follow Sedena Cappannelli’s lead. Learn what so many women do to make any change turn out great.” —Woman’s World

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Now Available - the exciting new Story Medicine Retreats

On-Site in a beautiful, private and serene environment in Santa Fe, NM.

(Individual, 2-3 person & small groups) Overnight private Casita accommodations available for 1-3 people. 505-470-6295