Reclaiming the 9 Qualities of Your Soul



Power - Introduction

Part 1

  • What is real power and what is not
  • The relationship between vulnerability, truth, love and power
  • The nature of spiritual protection that works
  • The relationship between physical empowerment and power
  • How to navigate the shadow side in order to claim your power
  • Power through Sacred Feminine energy
  • The transformation power of sisterhood

Part 2

  • What is true strength
  • What is the role of yin energy in your strength
  • Cultural views of strength that contribute to abuse
  • How to attract partnerships where you can be vulnerable
  • Ending patterns of self-sabotage
  • Rewiring abuse patterns and feelings of unworthiness
  • The myths about strengths and weaknesses

Session - Part 1

Session - Part 2

Bonus Session - Power and Self Protection

  • Practical self-protection
  • How to help your partner become aware of a woman’s experience of external threats
  • Trusting your intuition and your instincts
  • How and when to ask for help