Reclaiming the 9 Qualities of Your Soul



Purity- Introduction

Part 1

  • The myths about purity and the true nature of purity
  • How our stories keep us from healing and Divine love
  • Whether God lets or makes things happen in our lives
  • Why healing comes with a purification process
  • How to navigate the dark night of the soul with greater ease
  • True nature of forgiveness and how to get through layers of pain to peace
  • How to pray in a way that actually works
  • How to experience the pure love that heals

Part 2

  • What is means to live in purity
  • The benefits in life and healing in claiming your Divine purity
  • How you reclaim your state of Divine purity
  • In a practical sense, what it means to live in spiritual authenticity
  • Accessing spiritual guidance for healing through the energy of purity

Session - Part 1

Session - Part 2