2 Ways to Share Your Support Video!

"Standing with You" Video
Performance Video

Share Your Own "Standing with You" Video

Submit your own video message of positive support and/or personal healing experience (2 minutes or less). Upload from desktop or mobile... or even record it right here on mobile!

What to include/exclude (in no particular order):

  • Short and sweet message of support (2 minutes max)
  • Please state your first name (last name optional)
  • Optionally feel free to share your city, region or country
  • Optionally mention what you do and something that identifies your business (ex: "I'm the author/host of"... but please no address or URL (this is about support, not promotion). When mentioning a book title or similar, for brevity please just state the main title and exclude the subtitle. This is about support, not promotion.
  • Preferably mention some variation on the theme that you are "Standing with You"
  • Share a brief message of healing, honoring and encouragement
  • Optionally share a personal story of healing/inspiration (keep it positive)
  • It's OK to be in front of or wearing something representing your business... but please don't hold your book or product up to the camera. Again, this is about support, not promotion.
  • While it's OK to mention the Women Emerging Supersummit, there is no need or requirement to do so

Example: "Greetings from Santa Fe, NM. I'm Jeff Burger, co-producer of the Women Emerging Supersummit. I can't know exactly what you've been through. I do know that it's been my privilege to stand with loved ones who have healed from sexual abuse... and with men and women alike who know that collective healing is the most important thing we can do toward ending abuse in the future. And I'm honored to Stand with You now in your healing journey. Thank you for your courage, for your compassion for yourself and others... and for just being you!"

Tech tips:

Having difficulty uploading your video? We've been experiencing some technical difficulties. You can also send it via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or whatever you're comfortable with. Just drop us a line to let us know and include your first (and optionally last) name to be displayed with the video. Thanks!


  • You can shoot a video directly right here from your mobile device (desktop webcams not supported)
    • Your video will display much better on our site and social media if you shoot with the phone horizontal rather than vertical (like a TV)
    • We don't have a way for you to preview or review what you shoot here, so if you want that level of control shoot/edit locally and upload the file instead
  • You can also shoot your video offline with your webcam, video camera or mobile, edit as needed and then upload the file here
  • Valid video file formats are MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, AVI and FLV. Maximum file size is 400MB, small preferred.
  • If you have difficulty uploading your file, please try a different browser, device and/or file format.
  • Mount or prop your device to minimize distracting camera shake
  • Remember to look into your camera, not your screen
  • Do what you can to have the camera at eye level, with light on your face and minimal distracting backgrounds and sounds
  • Speak/record loud enough and with a good mic close enough to record hi-quality audio at good volume levels (earbuds/headsets are a good option)
Standing with You Submissions
Only first name required (last name optional)...
Remains private. Only needed in case we need to contact you about your submission.
Upload or Shoot Video (2-minute max) *

Maximum file size: 400MB

Accepts MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, AVI, and FLV formats. 400MB max (smaller preferred). Live video recording available on mobile only.
We encourage and appreciate you sharing on social media to help spread the word. Time permitting, we can also send you a link to a version of your video with an added Women Emerging end screen so your social sharing has better connectivity to the event. Please check the box if you would like an enhanced version of your video.
Terms of Submission
I authorize New Dream Foundation to display my video on its websites and social media related to the Women Emerging: Reclaiming Our Souls from Sexual Abuse Supersummit.