Your Psychospiritual Resource in Healing from Trauma

with Misa Hopkins and Stephanie James

The Women Emerging Healing Program was created for you if you:

  • have been sexually abused or assaulted
  • think you might have repressed memories of abuse
  • have experienced any kind of trauma

Are you tired of experiencing life as an uphill battle?

  • Do you want to know what it’s like to feel really happy and loved—as a way of life, not just a moment now and then?
  • Would you like to have a supportive and sexually joyful relationship with a partner?
  • Would you like to feel truly alive—physically and emotionally?
  • Are you longing to feel safe, understood, and empowered in the world?
  • Would you like to be able to trust that the Universe is really on your side?
  • Are you feeling more than ready to get past surviving and finally experience greater peace, prosperity, and pleasure in your life?

You don’t have to live with the burden of sexual trauma forever. Many of our experts have gone from surviving to thriving, and they are ready to show you how to do it too.

Our Women Emerging Healing Program experts show you how to reclaim your soul so you can thrive, as you…

  • Gently release the shame you have carried for far too long.
  • Let go of the fear that it will happen again or that you’ll attract another abuser.
  • Love and trust your body, pleasurable sensations, and intuition.
  • Change painful emotional and physical patterns into new and fulfilling ways to engage in life.
  • Feel more relaxed, at peace, and experience the depths of Divine love for you.
  • Trust the sacred wisdom that lives inside you and can keep you safe in the world.
  • Attract more loving and supportive people in your life, including your beloved.
  • Discover just how worthy you truly are—deserving of the most prosperous life you can imagine.
  • Really enjoy the life you came here to live—complete with joy, passion, and even bliss.

Your Women Emerging Healing Program includes:

  • All 35 summit interviews (inc. audio downloads)
  • 9 special sessions for Reclaiming Your Soul
  • 15 in-depth expert sessions

1. Get immediate access to all 35 summit interviews

If you missed any interviews that you really want and need to hear, you can. In fact, you can listen as often as you like—either online or via audio downloads to listen whenever and wherever you want!

In a healing journey, often one concept is really important in the moment, but just weeks or months later there is another healing concept you want to explore.

The deep wisdom inside these interviews are always at your fingertips, when you are ready for that aspect of your healing!


Laura Davis

Writing for Healing and Transformation
Bestselling author, The Courage to Heal (2 million copies)


Larry Dossey, M.D.

One Mind and Healing
Pioneer in consciousness and healing; NY Times bestselling author; Oprah


Dr. Pedram Shojai

Your Inner Alchemy
The Urban Monk, NY Times bestselling author; filmmaker, Vitality, Origins; Dr. Oz)


Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Never Give Up Hope
Global educator on female hormones; author, The Sexy Brain, The Hormone Deception


Sedena Cappannelli

Your Ageless Legacy: From Pain to Purpose
Ageless Living
(PBS); award-winning author


Dr. Eva Detko

Healing Using Havening Techniques
Specialist in trauma healing through mind transformation


Krystalya Marie'

From 24 Hours of Hell to Living in Self Love
The Empowered Spirit; bestselling author, energy healer, speaker


Daralyse Lyons

Acting Your Way to Empowered Outcomes
Actress, author, yogi, coach and transformational storyteller


Barbara Dossey RN, PhD

Healing Rituals and Self-Care
Pioneer in holistic nursing and nurse coaching


Suzan Nolan

Power of Healing in Circles
Gather the Women w/ Florencia Aduriz and Laura Tria


Michelle Melendez

Ending Dieting Hell
Fitness expert, bestselling author


Brian Ridgway

Transmuting Trauma into Power and Bliss
The Spellbreaker


Lisa Wilson

Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life
Transformational coach, healer


Helen Hillix

Sexual Abuse: Unexpected Causes and Answers
Therapist, intuitive counselor


Dr. Tianna Conte

Trauma to Triumph: Awaken Your Guidance
Mystic, healer, bestselling author


Devi Mohan

Grace Under Threat
Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation, yoga instructor


Anasuya Basil

Nutrition for Feeling Grounded and Calm
Holistic nutrition instructor/coach


Myra Krien

Healing Through Dance
Award-winning Middle-Eastern dance artist


Kristian Strang

Female Sexual Ascension
Bestselling author, spiritual guide


Ariann Thomas

Breaking Family and Abuse Patterns
Bestselling author on ancestral lineage clearing


Dr. Karen Gless

Self-Hypnosis to Eliminate Blame
The Sex Therapy Doctor


Susan Dascenzi

28 and Ready to Die: Finding Your True Self
Psychotherapist, bestselling author


Toby Christensen

Healing Power of the Drum
Therapeutic drumming and music


Ross Bishop

Healing the Scars
Shaman, author, healer, spiritual teacher


Arielle Ford

The Soulmate Secret
International bestselling author, The Soulmate Secret


Kevin Hickman

Loving Past Your Pain
Dating/relationship coach


Emma McAdam

Ending Shame Around the Freeze Response
Licensed therapist


Michael Rorick

Rewrite the Music of Your Life
Professor, Music and Meditation —SUNY Fredonia


Steve Bhaerman

While Trauma Is No Laughing Matter, Recovery Might Be
Author aka Swami Beyondananda


Natalie Matushenko

Thrive with Passion & Purpose
Life coach, author


Lois Wagner

From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom
Conversational Intelligence coach


Layla Martin

Heal and Awaken Your Sexuality the Holistic Way
Tantra expert


Debra Poneman

Aren't We All Survivors?
Bestselling author, founder "Yes to Success" seminars


Stephanie James

Ignite Your Best Life
Author, radio/podcast host, The Spark


Misa Hopkins

How to Reclaim Your Soul
5x bestselling author, feminine consciousness

Own the entire archive for inspiration any time your need it!


2. Grow with Women Emerging’s 9 Qualities for Reclaiming Your Soul

Your Women Emerging co-hosts Misa Hopkins and Stephanie James have created a unique psycho-spiritual approach to healing from trauma.

Each week for the next 9 weeks, you’ll receive a video from Misa and Stephanie walking you through the 9 qualities of the soul they have observed traumatized women go through to reclaim their souls and feel fully alive.

Each lesson is filled with their personal experiences, insights from their clients, as well as exercises, techniques and spiritual practices they and their clients have used successfully to reclaim lost parts of themselves.

These qualities include:

  • Innocence - Cherishing your inner child and her Divine connection, fulfilling unmet needs, and allowing yourself to play
  • Trust – Creating safety as you befriend yourself, take care of yourself first and listen to your inner voice
  • Purity – Living in awareness and alignment with your spiritual essence where you are forever pure
  • Sensuality -  Enjoying your senses as a being of this earth. Seeing your body as safe and as your ally
  • Joy - Being aware of and marinating in joy as it occurs. Helping joy to “stick” in your brain and body
  • Sexuality – Creating healthy boundaries with sex, being fully present in your body, and enjoying pleasure and ecstasy
  • Power – Discovering your inner authority—your true source of power—authenticity from a deep place within
  • Divine Nature - Awakening your true essence and your inner connection to all of life
  • Write Your Own – Honoring a quality that is calling to you in your unique journey of healing

So grab a journal and get ready to be inspired and transformed.

Your Mentors

Misa Hopkins (also known as Mother Misa) has been a pioneer in Feminine Consciousness for over 30 years. She is a 5-time bestselling author, including her series, Sacred Feminine Awakening. Misa has been on major television networks talking about her journey in healing from sexual abuse, and has shared the stage with some of the world’s great spiritual teachers.


Stephanie James is a licensed psychotherapist who has over 30 years in the mental health field. She is the author of The Spark: Igniting Your Best Life Ever, and host of The Spark Summit, and The Spark Radio Show and Podcast, featuring today’s greatest luminaries in science, spirituality and psychology.


Here’s what people who have experienced Misa and Stephanie’s books and programs have to say…

“In a world where most of us are successful at everything except life, The Spark is a must read. It will jump-start your life.” —Jacob Israel Liberman, vision scientist and author of Luminous Life: How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living

"I am a seasoned healer and a transformational expert, so I thought Misa Hopkins’ program would be a refresher course. Was I in for a surprise… I had a breakthrough vision of how two aspects of my life, seemingly separate, were connected, and I was able to touch the core source of ALL the problems I’ve been working on!" —Maria Mar, The Dream Alchemist

“Stephanie James puts life in perspective. She simplifies what we all perceive as complicated. You want happiness? You want fulfillment in your life? Quit over-complicating things, read her book and put a spark back in your life.” —Weldon Long, author of The Upside of Fear and The Power of Consistency, a NYT and WSJ bestseller

"I had no idea I was going to discover the cause of one of the biggest health challenges I have… With some new tools from Misa to help me, I am living a much healthier and happier life." —Amari Gold

“A compelling and inspiring book... The Spark is both a practical, down-to-earth guide… that opens us to possibilities that we never imagined. Every page is filled with wisdom!” —Elena Mannes, multi-award winning documentary director/writer/producer and author of Soul Dog

“Misa is a master alchemist—guiding gently and powerfully while she assists and holds people greatly so that they may turn their base metals and darkness into light and gold...” —D’Ann Davis, Sound Healer


3. Experience 15 Powerful Master Sessions with Our Experts

Ariann Thomas
Healing Your Trauma Genes

Ariann leads a meditation guiding you deeply into your DNA

  • To heal the genetic codes damaged by trauma caused by violence, rape, sexual abuse, fear, betrayal, and mistrust
  • Finding the genes damaged by the past trauma and turn off the activation of those negative genes
  • Repairing the genetic codes to allow health and well-being to flow into your body, mind and spirit.


Devi Mohan
Dive Deep to Rise Above the Pain - Yoga Nidra

In this 30 min. video, you go through the inner journey of self-healing in the receptive alpha state of mind, through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. It is a version especially created for Women Emerging, to help you embrace the inner 'body of pain'; to enter the deep, self-healing space of acceptance; to be able to assign meaning to the painful experiences of the past, integrating them through conscious love. (A recommended daily practice before going to sleep, or at any suitable time during the day). You will experience:

  • Self-healing by integrating the fragmented parts of your being, through conscious love
  • Unhooking from the negative energy cords connecting you with the individual(s) who have hurt or abused you in the past
  • Self-love and inner fullness, essential for spiritual awakening as you connect with the highest version of you and your purpose


Dr. Eva Detko
Affirmational Havening for Emotional Healing

In this session we use self-havening with some positive affirmation based around self-nurturing, self-worth, and emotional healing from sexual abuse. Havening Techniques is a form of psychosensory scientific therapy that helps permanently heal trauma, anxiety and fears, as well as create positive alterations in our brain.

  • Rewrite the subconscious narrative with positive affirmations that help us heal and become whole again
  • Create deep sense of calm and relaxation
  • Promote healing delta brain wave activity that is mainly only accessible to us during deep sleep


Pedram Shojai
Light Transformation Meditation

This energizing meditation is particularly powerful in helping clear stagnant energy and wake up the energy flow within the body.

  • Boosts energy
  • Helps you gain clarity of mind
  • A great meditation for that "mid-day hump"
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Quick. Under 20 minutes


Krystalya Marie’
Releasing Fears to Self Love

Using Krystograph symbols, these processes help you in releasing fears. Krystalya’s energy healing package includes:

  • Releasing Fears (eBook) – including healing symbols for the processes
  • Releasing Fears Intro (audio)
  • Releasing Fears Process (audio)
  • Releasing Fears Getting to the Core (video)
  • Releasing Fears Process (video)


Helen Hillix
Sexual Abuse Healing Exercise: Rewrite History

In this video, licensed therapist, Helen Hillix, LMFT, guides you through a visualization exercise that supports you to:

  • Actually redo a past situation, bringing a safe support system back with you
  • Co-create the opportunity for empowerment
  • Experience relief, new understandings, while feeling safe every step of the way.


Daralyse Lyons
Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

Drawing on her background in theatre and comedy improvisation, Daralyse shows you how to use drama techniques to uncover your greatest story and live it.

In Session 1 of a three-phase video course you discover how to:

  • begin to let go of the past
  • appreciate the present, and
  • move forward into an empowered future


Dr. Karen Gless
Using Self-Hypnosis to Take Back Your Power

In the states of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, you move from the busyness of the left hemisphere of the brain and rigid emotional thinking. The creative powers of your mind and heart are turned on and you are ready for real, lasting change.

  • Relax your body
  • Focus your attention
  • Stop worrying
  • Turn on your creative powers


Kev Hick
What Guys Need to Know to Support You in Your Healing

In this short, but impactful video you will discover:

  • How to help a man your care about help you recover and heal
  • What men are thinking when they find out you’ve experienced abuse
  • What you need to know if you are looking for a man who will really love you


Kristian Strang
Activate Your Female Sexual Ascension

In this two-part meditation activation series (audio downloads) you'll align with your sacred, sexy self as you:

  • Experience greater ease, synchronicity, and increased intuitive abilities
  • Activate your Highest Path sexually and creatively
  • Remember why you incarnated, at this time


Michelle Melendez
End Dieting Hell

Award winning and bestselling author teaches you…

  • Why you've struggled with weight for so long
  • How the body is conditioned to keep you overweight
  • Insights that give you peace and freedom in your body without dieting


Myra Krein
Tribal-EX Level 1 Fast

This digital version of the full 90-minute DVD features beginning level instruction in American Tribal Style Bellydance® movements. This class is both instructional and fitness oriented to offer you the most complete dance experience possible. You get instruction in:

  • Anatomical technique
  • Support exercises
  • Stretching and rhythm


Natalie Matsuhenko, PCC, CPCC
7 Steps to Living Your Purpose Masterclass

In this one-hour masterclass, you'll learn the 7 simple steps to uncover your passions and live your purpose for greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • The key to accessing your deep wisdom so you can clearly identify your interests, strengths and talents
  • How you sabotage yourself from living your passion & purpose and how to stop it immediately
  • The simple #1 technique Natalie has used successfully to see how your interests, strengths and talents fit into a life that works for you


Sedena Cappannelli
Ageless Living Healing Tools for Trauma, Anxiety and Transition

In this course, you:

  • Experience simple, enlivening practices to awaken your energy and create emotional, mental and physical balance
  • Learn calming meditative practices to de-stress, increase your sense of peace, well-being and self-reliance
  • Discover new, empowering perspectives to release old patterns, create greater self-care and uncover your highest potential


Susan Dascenzi
Finding Your True North in the Ocean of Love

In this 30-minute video meditation, you will:

  • Feel empowered in choice and awareness that the beautiful diamond within you can shine brightly regardless of your experiences thus far
  • Learn how to navigate through the human experience as the spiritually expressed being that is your birthright
  • Recognize you are NOT your experiences and move through the pain so you can walk with your past without it becoming your present and part of your future

Optional Coaching Support with Misa

If you know you want direct healing support, Misa is offering 50% off her Women of Power and Spirit Gold Circle group mentoring (just $49/mo). You meet twice monthly via Zoom for direct coaching from Misa to address what you’re working on, plus you receive twice monthly downloadable audio guidance and meditation sessions.


GUARANTEE for Your Peace of Mind

If you are wondering if this will help you, there is only one way to find out!

We have so much confidence you will love this Women Emerging Healing Program that we are willing to honor a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are diligently using the techniques you learn and not getting results, we’ll refund the full amount. You deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to your healing, and we are standing by you.


When It’s Time, Your Best Solution Arrives

This psychospiritual approach to healing is fresh and effective.  It works, because it’s what we women do. More and more therapists, healers and coaches are recommending integrated approaches to healing.

But we aren’t aware of any online holistic program for healing sexual abuse, particularly one that offers you so much depth and such a great variety of healing approaches to sink into.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Honestly, that’s now how women tend to do it. We heal with support from each other through a variety of modalities.

Don’t wait another minute hoping you will get through the pain to the other side by yourself… someday, somehow. 

There is a direct path to your wellbeing that lives inside you, and we can show you how to access your own powerful healing. If you are truly ready, we are all ready to help you claim your path and thrive.

There is no BETTER time to heal than right now.

You deserve to be happy, loved, enjoy sex, be in partnership, feel alive, be safe, know you are understood and feel empowered. Peace, prosperity, and pleasure are within your reach.

Get ready to thrive!

Are you ready to heal and claim the life you deserve?

The value of Misa and Stephanie’s 9 Qualities for Reclaiming Your Soul, along with 15 master sessions from the experts, and archive of 35 interviews (inc. audio downloads) easily has a value of over $1,500.

All our expert presenters agree. We want you to get what you need to heal and become the thriving woman you were always meant to be, so during the supersummit this amazing healing program is available for just...

or opt for 3 payments of $39 ($119 total) at checkout

Note: You will receive the full summit interview archives and the first of your 9-week expert sessions within a few days after the summit concludes.


"I have taken many classes/workshops in the past 15 years or so and some were from very amazing and famous teachers. I have never before, however, experienced such dramatic shifts in women..." —Morgine Jurdan