Breaking Famiy Incest and Abuse Pattens

Ariann Thomas

Bestselling author on ancestral lineage clearing

In Ariann's interview you'll discover how to use ancestral lineage clearing to:

  • Change generational sexual trauma
  • Heal damaged DNA passed on throughout your family history
  • Put an end to unwanted, unexplainable patterns in your life

Ariann Thomas, B.S., J.D., is an author, international healer, teacher, ceremonialist, speaker, shaman, and author of 2 bestselling books on ancestral lineage clearing.

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Ariann shares even more inside the Women Emerging Healing Program:

Includes Ariann's
Healing Your Trauma Genes/strong>

Ariann leads a meditation guiding you deeply into your DNA :

  • Healing the genetic codes damaged by trauma caused by violence, rape, sexual abuse, fear, betrayal, and mistrust.
  • Finding the genes damaged by the past trauma and turn off the activation of those negative genes.
  • Repairing the genetic codes to allow health and well-being to flow into your body, mind and spirit.

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