Discover Unexpected Causes and Answers About Sexual Abuse

Helen Hillix

Licensed therapist, intuitive counselor

In Helen's's interview you'll discover:

  • Why sex abuse is not personal but cultural
  • What to do about feelings of guilt in healing from sexual abuse
  • Why looking underneath the abusive patterns of male/female dynamics in our culture so necessary?

Helen Hillix' expansive perspective based on the concept that we are One and that we are all part of a larger whole that effects all of human behavior helps us move away from personal fault and shame.

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Safe Touch Meditation

You will receive a meditation process meant to support couples to develop physical/emotional/spiritual intimacy using safe touch. This tool is especially powerful for women who have been abused, as it sets the foundation of developing a voice as to how you want to be touched in a sacred exercise. You are welcome to email Helen for the written tool that can be used along with the meditation.

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Helen shares even more inside the Women Emerging Healing Program:

Includes Helen's
Sexual Abuse Healing Exercise: Rewrite History

In this video, licensed therapist, Helen Hillix, LMFT, guides the viewers through a visualization exercise that supports you to actually redo a past situation, bringing a safe support system back with you. You will co-create the opportunity for empowerment, relief and new understandings, feeling safe every step of the way.

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