End Dieting Hell

Michelle Melendez

Fitness expert, bestselling author

In Michelle's interview you'll discover:

  • 4 Clues to know if you are addicted to being overweight
  • #1 Insight most fitness professionals don’t know that can change your life
  • 3 Keys to end dieting hell and find peace with your body

Michelle is a fitness expert and weight loss specialist, who has led thousands of live and online fitness classes for women around the world. 
She is the author of the award winning book, "End Dieting Hell: How to Find Peace with Your Body and Release the Weight". She founded Women Being Fit and Blossom Inner Wellness, as well as Live In A Body You Love 7-day life-changing Hawaii retreat. http://womenbeingfit.com

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  • 3 Keys fitness trainers, doctors, & nutritionist don’t know that are crucial to losing weight
  • How your body’s cells have memorized chemical reactions that keep you struggling with your weight
  • The worst thing to do if you’re wanting to END weight loss frustration

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End Diting Hell

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