Joining together in healing sexual abuse

Align with the one of the most important movements of our time

The hidden epidemic


1 in 4 females is sexually assaulted in their lifetime—37 million+ women in the US alone


Most abuse is at the hands of men they know—family, friends, authority figures, and co-workers

A woman who has been assaulted carries the pain and fear of that abuse into every area of her life, until she heals. She expects life to be treacherous, unfair, and unrewarding—limiting her potential and affecting the people around her...

However, women committed to healing are able to bring more of their true brilliance to their families, careers, and the world. Plus, they have the fortitude it takes to finally bring sexual abuse to its end.

When people are abused and assaulted, it is like the doors to their souls slam shut.
—Mariska Hargitay, actress (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) and founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation

Our supersummit healing experts have appeared on...


Laura Davis

Writing for Healing and Transformation
Bestselling author, The Courage to Heal (2 million copies)


Larry Dossey, M.D.

One Mind and Healing
Pioneer in consciousness and healing; NY Times bestselling author; Oprah


Dr. Pedram Shojai

Your Inner Alchemy
The Urban Monk, NY Times bestselling author; filmmaker, Vitality, Origins; Dr. Oz)


Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Never Give Up Hope
Global educator on female hormones; author, The Sexy Brain, The Hormone Deception


Sedena Cappannelli

Your Ageless Legacy: From Pain to Purpose
Ageless Living
(PBS); award-winning author


Dr. Eva Detko

Healing Using Havening Techniques
Specialist in trauma healing through mind transformation


Krystalya Marie'

From 24 Hours of Hell to Living in Self Love
The Empowered Spirit; bestselling author, energy healer, speaker


Daralyse Lyons

Acting Your Way to Empowered Outcomes
Actress, author, yogi, coach and transformational storyteller


Barbara Dossey RN, PhD

Healing Rituals and Self-Care
Pioneer in holistic nursing and nurse coaching


Suzan Nolan

Power of Healing in Circles
Gather the Women w/ Florencia Aduriz and Laura Tria


Michelle Melendez

Ending Dieting Hell
Fitness expert, bestselling author


Brian Ridgway

Transmuting Trauma into Power and Bliss
The Spellbreaker


Lisa Wilson

Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life
Transformational coach, healer


Helen Hillix

Sexual Abuse: Unexpected Causes and Answers
Therapist, intuitive counselor


Dr. Tianna Conte

Trauma to Triumph: Awaken Your Guidance
Mystic, healer, bestselling author


Devi Mohan

Grace Under Threat
Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation, yoga instructor


Anasuya Basil

Nutrition for Feeling Grounded and Calm
Holistic nutrition instructor/coach


Myra Krien

Healing Through Dance
Award-winning Middle-Eastern dance artist


Kristian Strang

Female Sexual Ascension
Bestselling author, spiritual guide


Ariann Thomas

Breaking Family and Abuse Patterns
Bestselling author on ancestral lineage clearing


Dr. Karen Gless

Self-Hypnosis to Eliminate Blame
The Sex Therapy Doctor


Susan Dascenzi

28 and Ready to Die: Finding Your True Self
Psychotherapist, bestselling author


Toby Christensen

Healing Power of the Drum
Therapeutic drumming and music


Ross Bishop

Healing the Scars
Shaman, author, healer, spiritual teacher


Arielle Ford

The Soulmate Secret
International bestselling author, The Soulmate Secret


Kevin Hickman

Loving Past Your Pain
Dating/relationship coach


Emma McAdam

Ending Shame Around the Freeze Response
Licensed therapist


Michael Rorick

Rewrite the Music of Your Life
Professor, Music and Meditation —SUNY Fredonia

Join us in supporting women healing from sexual abuse


Misa Hopkins, Co-host
5-time bestselling author, Sacred Feminine Awakening series


Stephanie James, Co-host
Psychotherapist, author, host of The Spark radio program

"Having lived through sexual abuse and learning to reclaim our souls, we want to show you how to discover the life you deserve... a life of joy."
—Misa Hopkins and Stephanie James

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To support women and other female-identified survivors in their commitment to healing, New Dream Foundation (NDF) invites you to help make possible our Women Emerging SuperSummit—an interactive on-line nationwide event that includes:

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Sexual abuse is an issue that affects all of us—directly or indirectly. Together, we can do something about it.

Thank you for joining us in being part of the solution. And thank you for standing with beautiful, courageous women in their healing.

In love and gratitude,


Executive Director, New Dream Foundation
Co-producer, Women Emerging Supersummit

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